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The Crisis of Corona
How good is GST for Education
Is Autonomy a Panacea
Make in India – A creative Mentation
Technology in the Life of a Farmer – Can it mitigate Suicides?
Skills Conundrum or Skills Denouement
Contempt of Court?
Is Autonomy Sacrosanct?
Time for two manifestos?
Me Too.. Who Next?
Can Innovative Disruption Be A Tool Of The Future? Both In Business And Politics
What ails our Universities?
This Virus has Multiple Threads
Universities: Post Corona
Life in the times of a Corona Day
Corona and the Human Spirit
Slums and the Covid
Is this the new Normal?
Covid is driving Online. Can Online drive Education?
Is working from home, the new Business World normal?
Les Misérables
Buildings no more: Long live the digital equaliser
From the Portals of the United Nations
Some Pointers for the Policy Makers
Modicum of Atmanirbharata
All in One or One in All?
Convert Grass into Cheese
Education Policy and Ancient Wisdom
NEP: An Indian Ethos
National Education Policy In Higher Education: Coming Full Circle
NEP Aims To Transform The Intent And The Content Of The Education Sector: BW Webinar on 12/08/20
A Grain Vending Machine A Le ATM
Protesting the Exams
Have the horses bolted from the stables under Lockdown?
Incremental or Maximal Reform Strategies?
Can this Pandemic skew the results?
Does This Tech Give the Quietest Student A Voice?
One Kashmir – One Nation
That man with the Golden touch
Let’s learn from Success: Not Failure
You Sow That You Reap, And Then You Reap That You Sow
‘Atmanirbharta’, ‘Swavalamban’ And The ‘Third Way’
Can we afford risk a “WARD” syndrome
Truths and Half-truths: This Bill is on the farmer
Crime and Repressive Justice: Both are hideous
Love Is Pure and Sublime: Can It Be Jihad?
Can We Expect an Innovative Budget?
Between Making It Happen and Letting It Happen
Can AI Power Atmanirbharata?
Right, Left and Centre: and the Pun
Our Institutes must collaborate
The internet Predators
Can we afford this wave?
Trade in Cryptos: The new Digital Currency
The Dimensions of Dreams in Covid Times
Butterfly Effect and Shooting the Messenger
“Anand” of Agri Blockchains
Blockchain – Yes, Prime Minister!
Can Narayana Murthy Come on Board Please?
Physics, Consciousness and Yoga
Afghanistan/Taliban: An outsider’s view
More elections lined up: This time is Uttar Pradesh
Drones: The Human ingenuity
What Next? Post Covid
Hindu Fundamentalism: What is that?
Should the Government be worried about Cryptocurrency?
Semiconductors are amazing
A General Par Excellence: CDS Bipin Rawat
Digital Fraud and Shared Responsibility
A Digital University: For Sharing
Rising Inflation: Can we buck the trend?
Is Uniform Civil Code really contentious?
Barters and Digital Money
Our PM, Our Captain India
No Guts: No Glory
World Class Institutions
What is ‘Metaverse’?
Our Tryst with 5G
Nick the Elitists
Disrupt and Innovate: The National Budeget
Which ‘Teaching – Learning’ Approach Is Most Effective?
Welcome Foreign Higher Educational Institutions
More glorious to merit a ‘sceptre’ than to possess one


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