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The Indian Start-Up Story

Our Gasping Rail Network

The Sengol Symbolism

Be a Doer, Not just a Dreamer

Should Income Tax be scrapped?

The Great Economic Resurgence

Revdi or Kalyan?

The Great Indian River Grid

Agnipath: A Bold Initiative

Can there be all India Cow slaughter ban?

The Price of Democracy

SDG Goals and Economy

Cashless Economy

Prison Reforms and Undertrials

Uniform Civil Code: The Debate

Inflation: The Universal Tax

Electoral Reforms

Cryptocurrency: The new money code

Is MSP feasible?

Are Gig Jobs answer to unemployment?

Vishwa Guru of Global Pharma Supplies

Post Covid 19 Budget: How must it be?

Contract farming dissected

The dangers ahead!

Reform Agriculture: Reform Poverty

Is RCEP a solemn pledge?

Majority is always not right in economics

Is recession round the corner?

Self Reliance or Self Sustenance?

An ailing Indian Banking System

An innovative Budget

Revive Economy? Disrupt the theories

Citizenship Woes

What more can be done?

Are farmers to blame for pollution?

Taxes are cut: will the economy revive

The Sequel to the Growth Story

Growth must be inclusive to be sustainable

It is time to support the government

Policy shifts need to be planned

Budget: An expression of our values and aspirations

The Woman Power

Ordinance or Law?

The Growth Story

An Inhuman war

The Interim challenge

Where are the Jobs in new India?

Auto Markets: Disrupted

Social Responsibility and Fiscal Prudence

It is necessary to heed the missing beats

Has the Bureaucracy failed India?

Highway Jobs as Marshalls and Angels

The Fake News Debate

Economics of Black Gold

A Start-Up or a Job?

A little sublime Corruption

The Auction Syndrome

Right to Information or Right Information?

One Nation: One Market: Really?

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