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Some Achievements


·         Rs. 150 laks through AICTE projects for development of State of art Robotics / CAD / CAM Laboratory

·         Introduction of Post Diploma Course in Robotics and Automation – operational since 1992

·         Introduction of two self-financing PG Courses in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

1.      CAD / CAM / Automation
2.      Mechatronics

 ·         MOU with M&M, Mumbai, for VJTI-JC Mahindra Automobile Research centre for investment of up to Rs. 100 laks

·         MOU with BARC for CFD centre for investment up to Rs. 45.5 laks

·         As expert member, cost savings in IT projects of Government of Maharashtra

·      Successful Implementation of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) Citizen Facilitation Centre.

·         Successful implementation and conduct of B. Sc. – IT and M. Sc. – IT programs and setting up of Department of IT at University of Mumbai.

·         As Dean, faculty of Technology, University of Mumbai, streamlining of the engineering and MCA examination system, early declaration of results of all branches of engineering and all faculties of Technology (17 branches of engineering and 4 lakh answer books in < 40 days) and implementation of academic calendar for 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.

As Pro Vice-chancellor

·         Streamlining Examinations, General Administration.

·         Implementation of Campus wide Network at the Churchgate Campus and UMIT of Juhu Campus. Also provides Wi Fi Connectivity. Introduction of MIS on the Intranet.

·         Improving the University website to include several student level services.

·         Digitisation of the Central Library

·         Start of Mobile Education in SNDT. Education on a mobile hand set using WAP

·         Conversion of all yearly based programs to Semester and Credit based.

 As Vice Chairman AICTE

·         Lead a delegation for the Washington Accord (International Engineer Meetings, IEM 2009) held on June 14-19, 2009 in Kyoto, Japan

·         E – Governance of AICTE Completed

 As Chairman, AICTE

·         Streamlined AICTE working

·         Implemented complete e-governance in all AICTE Work processes

·         Enabled all processes on-line

·         Created facilitating mechanism for new approvals.

·         New Regulations in place for all AICTE functions

·         Policy changes that is based on self-disclosure rather than inspections

·         Started National Common Management Test (CMAT) for all Management Institutions in the Country in 2011

·         Started transparent online J&K admissions for the Prime Ministers Project since 2012

·         Started AICTE – CII Industry – Institutions rankings and instituted awards for excellence in various categories for Technical Institutions.

·         NBA reconstituted as independent Society

·         Helped in India achieve full membership of Washington accord

·         Know your college portal has been designed and inaugurated for public use on 11/11/14 by the Hon. President of India. This Portal has a rich repository of 40,000 Colleges and data that will prove useful for the students in choosing colleges for admissions. Designed and delivered the National Vocational Education Qualification framework and is implemented in the polytechnics and the Engineering Institutions in the Country

The National Vocational Education Qualification frame work (NVEQF), now National Skills Qualification Frame work (NSQF), on which I have worked for more than three years, will help in promoting skill based competency modules to be integrated into seven certification levels to Graduation beginning at 9th Standard in school, where a student can undergo skill based learning that enhances employability and employment opportunities and also allowing him/her the flexibility to pursue formal education or take up an appropriate job at the end of any level of certification. NSQF allows multi point entry / exit vertical and lateral mobility, recognises prior learning and is modular and Credit based. The framework further allows a person to progress with only the skill stream along with soft skills.

 A robust credit framework that was created by me was also released by MHRD on 11/11/14 that allows credit-based mobility between Vocational education, Conventional education and the job markets.

·         Construction for AICTE building in the JNU Campus has begun in May 2012 and is completed in two years.

·         Created new office assets in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat

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