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Modi govt’s HEC can’t just be UGC with new label. Engineering still needs its own regulator

Online learning is the future. Education ministry and UGC must not hold India back anymore

Studying engineering without physics and Maths is like a building without foundation

NEP has lofty goals to promote research culture. UGC undermining its basic tool—publishing

The Burden of Perfect Ten

Skill India is Ailing

A Higher Abdication

Chinks in the Board

Calculated to backfire: Maths and physics can’t be optional for engineering entrance

Addressing the quality deficit in India’s technical education

A welcome move but…

AICTE should move from being regulator to facilitator: SS Mantha

AICTE should be preserved and nurtured

Is ‘online’ the missing dot that defines the future of education?

Procrastination of new education policy kills reform’s intent

AICTE Chairman Dr SS Mantha on education regulations

Management Education in India

AICTE – Regulatory Oversight

No Regulator required if you follow self-regulation.

How good is GST for Education

Is Autonomy a Panacea

Technology in the Life of a Farmer – Can it mitigate Suicides?

Skills Conundrum or Skills Denouement

Technical Education: Business Standard

Edupreneurs may heave a sigh of relief

Spurt in growth of unrecognized B-schools

Is Autonomy Sacrosanct?

What ails our Universities?

Universities: Post Corona

Is this the new Normal?

Covid is driving Online. Can Online drive Education?

Buildings no more: Long live the digital equaliser

Education Policy and Ancient Wisdom

NEP: An Indian Ethos

National Education Policy In Higher Education: Coming Full Circle

NEP Aims To Transform The Intent And The Content Of The Education Sector: BW Webinar on 12/08/20

Protesting the Exams

Does This Tech Give the Quietest Student A Voice?

Our Institutes must collaborate

Physics, Consciousness and Yoga

A Digital University: For Sharing

World Class Institutions

What is ‘Metaverse’?

Nick the Elitists

‘No Substitute For Hands-On Skills’

Skill Development: Imperative for India’s Growth, Yojana, October 2015

Skills: Is it a Rubik Puzzle?

The e-learning bus that we should not miss:

Changing times need a “New Education Policy”

Is closing down Institutions the way to go?

Wrong side of the Law?

Education budget: A whimper or A bluster?

The next decade education

It’s time we invested in our faculty

The Paradox of Autonomy

Student protests: are they legitimate?

The Vice-Chancellor and Learning 1.0

A University disrupted and Learning 2.0

Boxing out the smaller players

Re-inventing Higher Education: Part I

Re-inventing Higher Education Part II

Reforms worth a breath of fresh air

Higher the Education, Higher the Taxes?

Universities of Eminence?

A Canvas that knows no Painting

The Grounded Skill Mission

Faculty Excellence cannot be undermined:

The changing face of Higher Education

Is Autonomy Sacrosanct?

Who pays for Skills?

Digital Disruption in Education

How innovative are we?

A Percentage Education

Has Skills Paradigm failed?

Is Personalised Learning the future?

Can learning be made simple?

Is the fun in learning gone?

A new Vision for Education

Is education service a commodity

Alexa, Can you help me?

NEP Decoded (Part I)

NEP Decoded (Part II)

Will PG Education survive?

Resurrect AICTE for the benefit of Nation

Academics Post Corona

Is this the new Normal in Academics?

The other side of Online Education

The Webinar Learning

Universities must innovate to survive

NEP: An Indian Ethos

NEP: An implementation perspective

NEET, JEE and the Protests

Examinations: To be or Not to Be

Brick and Mortar Institutions must feel threatened

This Collaboration is essential

A lost opportunity

Merge and lose identity

Collaborate or perish

New Skill Sets Required

Decline in Technical Education

Is there a future proof career?

A misplaced belief

Education: Post Covid 19

Academic Bank of Credits

Post Covid, Work from Office?

Time for measuring ROI in Education

Reimagine the value-based Education

Time for a Digital University

Foreign Universities: Let’s Experience them here

Ukraine and our Medical Education: Both in crisis

Digital Transformation: The future of Education

Follow the R&D Dharma

The institutions of Eminence

These are uncertain times: Leadership matters

Innovate or go out of Business

Man, Reboot the Universities

Invest in Faculty Development

Autonomy for the Institutes

Nick the Elitists

Can learning be made fun?

Disrupt the Coaching Markets

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